I originally built this site from scratch in early 2004. It started out as just a simple page with some pics of my car, and it ran from my home linux server on dial-up. I eventually moved up to dsl and redesigned the site, then moved it to a dedicated hosting service when I got tired of the slow loading speeds. I kept it updated regularly at first, but I stopped updating it over the last year or two. With this move to WordPress blogging software I’m hoping to get back to regular updates, since it’s super easy to post updates now. 🙂

A little info about myself, my name is Mike and I live in southern Ohio. I currently own a 95 Mustang, 09 Ninja 250, and 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee. During summer I spend most of my free time cruising in the Mustang or on the Ninja, or working on the Mustang as I seem to keep breaking it. When the weather’s not so nice I like to play Forza 3 on the Xbox. I’m also a huge football fan, I follow the Bengals in NFL and OSU in NCAA.