August 30 2009

Well it looks like my web site got infected with a virus on 8-17-09, so if you’ve visited my page between then and today you should run a virus scan or run ComboFix. Everything is fixed as of now except the user gallery and the forums, and both should be running in the next day or two…Or I may just remove them since nobody uses them. If the forum is gone, that’s what happend :(.

Anyways, on to some good news! 🙂 I had my car dyno tuned last week. It runs 100 times better now. It made 449rwhp/475rwtq. A little better than before. It drives really good now too, though it stills need a little work on the tune. It’s very close now. I also had to switch to a LS2 coil-near-plug ignition since my MSD distributor didn’t get along with my AEM computer. I’ll get some pics up from that project soon.

I’ll be at NMRA at National Trails next Saturday Sept. 5. Shawn and I plan on running in Bracket III that day. Then the next Friday after that I’ll be back there for a track day. I’ll post up my results in a couple weeks, and I’ll try to get some pics as well.


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