March 29, 2010

Welcome to my new completely redesigned website! The old site was getting pretty neglected, so I’ve made things easier to keep updated now. I’m going to try to post an update at least once a month now. Some new stuff: I’m going to be posting all my new pics in the gallery section, and my old forum will no longer be used. I will be integrating the TorquedFords forum into my site. My old pics are still up in the Pics Archive section.

After my last update I went to NMRA in Columbus and ran a new best time of 11.894 at 119.78mph with a 1.92 60′ time. The next week I went back to National Trails for the Columbus Racing track day. I ran a best of 11.906 at 120.55mph w/1.98 60′ time. I configured the 2-step rev limiter in the AEM and spent all day trying to get it dialed in. I didn’t have much luck….Then on my 9th or 10th run I missed a gear and the car started acting a little funny. It went back to mostly normal after a few minutes, so I went back for one more run. That was not a good idea. Destroyed the #8 cylinder halfway down the track. Still ran a 12.50 at 115mph on 7 cylinders though. 🙂 I will post the destruction and rebuild pics in the gallery soon.

For the rebuild, I’m going with a ’74 block 351w bored .030 over, reusing my crank and rods, and pistons will be Ross -30.7cc dish for around 9.6:1 compression. It will now be 418ci instead of 420ci. 🙂 I’m thinking about adding some boost in the future, that’s the reason for the lower compression. Right now I’m just waiting for the pistons, then it’ll need to be balanced, then I can start assembling parts. I will be keeping the site updated with my progress as it happens.


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