May 07 2007

Yes, this is an actual update! :O In the last month I’ve finally got back into the car and even worked on it some. After a couple months of searching I finally found a Cobra rear bumper, painted it myself, and installed it. I then installed a set of subframe connectors and adjustable rear lower control arms, along with a set of Mickey Thompson 315/35 ET Street drag radials! I have to really try to spin these tires now. Next on my list is Cobra front brakes, then I need to build up the rear end. I also want to install coil-overs, but I don’t when my budget will allow for that.

I went to my first car show of the year over the weekend! It started out great, but the rain started after about 2 hours and never let up all day. There ended up being around 90 cars registered, so it was still a pretty decent show. I have pics from the show here, Jugfest 07. I also have a few new pics of my car and my new bumper in the Latest Images section. Now that summer’s here, check back often because I plan on taking lots of pics and videos this year!


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