Oct. 3 2007

Ok, so maybe I lied about the lots of pics thing this summer. I do have a lot of pics from various car shows I went to. I’ve got one more show to go to on Saturday, then I’m done for the year. My favorite of the summer was the NMRA Ford Nationals at National Trails in Columbus. I towed the car up there with my new Jeep Cherokee and spent the weekend racing. I got a total of 8 runs in, with the best being an 11.97 @ 120.77mph. I still need a lot of work on my launching, that run was with a 1.98 60′ time and was actually my 2nd run of the weekend. I improved my 60′ over the next several runs with a 1.76 as my best, but I missed 3rd gear on that run.
As far as upgrades that I have planned for the winter, there’s a lot I would like to do but I don’t think I can afford any of it. The next upgrade I’m 90% sure will be coil over springs on the front. Beyond that, I’ll just have to wait and see what I can afford.
Here’s my videos from the drag strip
12.46 Definetely watch this one!
Oh yeah, we also completed a 5.4L swap in Shawn’s ’00 GT a couple weeks ago. We did it all in one weekend, and Shawn drove it 140 miles home right after we got it running. Check out Shawn’s gallery for all the pics and a video or two. In a month or so we will be installing a set of VT Stage 1 cams in the car, then it’s off to the dyno!


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